Kyle Wastewater Plant Suffers Component Issues

Yesterday the City of Kyle received some bad news. The center well bearing system on one of our wastewater treatment plants suffered a significant component failure. In layman’s terms, the main bearing in the center of the plant circulates and rakes incoming wastewater to help treat and move effluent through to the next phase of the system. Without the rakes, solids will not break down fast enough to be processed at the same speed in which they arrive. Consequently, the plant could release partially treated effluent instead of FULLY treated effluent.

City staff is working around the clock to make repairs to the main bearing, but sourcing the parts could take days and, meanwhile, the plant will operate on a limited basis using multiple pumps.

Our staff has notified the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), and we have contacted our downstream neighbors about the possibility of potential effects. As a precaution, we are recommending anyone who lives immediately downstream of the plant to avoid going in the water until the issue is resolved.

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The complete press release can be viewed here, and a FAQ page can be viewed here.