A New Way to Interact with City Leadership

As the newly elected District 1 Kyle City Council representative, I want to bring a fresh perspective to the idea of citizen involvement and political transparency. The purpose of this site is to be a no-frills blog dedicated to writing opinions about the various issues effecting our city.

I hope to write opinions on some of the more important votes, including and especially the budget. The point is for you to have access to my thinking, and for me to have access to your feedback.

This site will not include pot-shots at other councilmembers. I will stick to the facts and my own opinions. Comments are welcome on this site and on my Facebook page, including dissenting opinions. But I will delete any and all comments that are overly negative, overly personal, or disparaging.

I also plan to write about other issues not directly related to the City of Kyle, but that are tangentially related — such as current events, notes on business, and more. Over time, the natural flow and function of this site will be made plain. If it is beneficial to the community, I will keep writing. If it is not I will try something else. Call it an experiment.

From the very beginning I have wanted my involvement in the city to attract new people to the discussion, both in terms of participation and in understanding of what goes on behind the scenes. I am looking forward to getting started and I hope to see this site slowly fill up with articles that are educational and enlightening.


Travis Mitchell

5 thoughts on “A New Way to Interact with City Leadership”

  1. I am excited for what lays ahead for our community and feel great about being asked to participate in open discussion! Thank you Travis

  2. Looking forward to following this journey for greater transparency and communication in city government. Make us proud!

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