My small business proposal for Kyle, TX

The following is a transcript with slides of the presentation I made to the Kyle City Council on 12.6.16. The presentation was the first step in bringing this program to reality. I will now begin working with city staff to draft an ordinance for council consideration in early 2017. You can watch the presentation online by clicking here.


First Year on Us Kyle, TXI think we can all agree that commercial development in Kyle is a good thing. It provides jobs, sales tax revenue, property tax revenue, and opportunities for our residents to purchase goods and services right here in Kyle. And as most of you know, I made owning a business a major part of my platform when I ran for city council earlier this year. Something I often heard from residents while campaigning was that the city could be more equitable in its treatment of the commercial community. Their point was that in the last ten years most of our incentives have gone to large, master-planned commercial developments who recruit large businesses and franchises to fill the space. These entities negotiate agreements that include property tax refunds, sales tax refunds, city bonds to pay for infrastructure, and dedicated staff time drafting agreements to help their projects succeed.

But smaller, local businesses have not received similar opportunities to partner with the city, at least not in the same way. And as a small business owner who built my business in the city, I must say I agree. This proposal is my attempt to start changing that narrative and making it crystal clear that we value all businesses who invest resources into our community. Continue reading “My small business proposal for Kyle, TX”