The Napping Trains of Kyle, TX

This week’s council session dealt with several interesting issues, the chief of which (to me) was whether or not to spend $270,000 kick starting the city’s plans to finally relocate Union Pacific’s rail siding away from downtown. We also discussed videos on LED billboards, took the next step in creating a stormwater utility, and appointed two new members to the Planning and Zoning Commission, among other things. You can read the agenda here and watch us deliberate via video here. I’m devoting this entire article on the rail siding relocation.

Train Stops in Kyle, TXItem 17. $270,000 for engineering to move Union Pacific Railroad siding away from downtown Kyle

Council: Postponed

Kyle has a train problem. A big, noisy, road-blocking train problem. Multiple times per day, the Union Pacific Railroad stops in downtown Kyle directly across Center Street. STOPS! Oftentimes the train will park for thirty minutes or more waiting for another train to pass. My wife and I joke that there’s time for an oil change at 4-Way Auto Shop while waiting.

Train stoppage has been a problem in Kyle for decades.

So, why haven’t we done anything about it?

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