Travis Mitchell Bio


Travis Mitchell Bio

This version of the Travis Mitchell Bio starts in 2007, after graduating college from Texas A&M, Travis spent a year in banking before seizing an opportunity to start his own business in Austin, Texas in the motorsports industry. Over the next ten years, Travis expanded that company into new markets, created and successfully grew an indirect lending business, bought and sold residential real estate, developed commercial real estate on I-35, and moved his business to Kyle, Texas.

In 2015, Travis took an interest in local politics. By focusing on media-based community engagement, Travis developed skills in photography and videography before launching “The Our Kyle Project” where he created content to help bolster the community image. This project ran concurrently with a successful campaign to win an at-large seat on the Kyle City Council (fun fact: the original race ended in a tie).

In 2017, after selling the retail portion of his business, Travis campaigned and successfully won the office of mayor of Kyle. He now works with his council colleagues to implement business-friendly policies that center around Charles Marohn’s model of Strong Towns. Together with the community and city staff, Travis is steadily executing on a vision to make Kyle, Texas a thriving city – economically, aesthetically, demographically, and culturally. 

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Meet the Family

Travis is married to his wonderful wife, Cori Mitchell, who works as an Assistant Librarian in Hays CISD. Together they have three children, twins Timothy and Titus (9yrs), and William (36yrs).

Travis Mitchell Bio - Family Pic