Community Impact teamed up with candidates for Kyle, Texas’ Mayor. This is a transcript of the Travis Mitchell Q&A with Community Impact.

What would be your top priorities if you are elected?

Travis: My vision is and always has been to build a stronger Kyle. Our town is beautiful, with tremendous potential, and we owe it to ourselves to unlock that potential through sound fiscal leadership. In my 4.5 years on council, Kyle has lowered its tax rate by more than 11% which leads all of Hays County. We have also built eight new roads — a city record. And most importantly, we have added more than 200 new businesses and more than 1 million square feet of industrial space to our community. This helps balance out the types of development within our borders and helps generate new tax revenue from places other than single-family residential homeowner’s pockets.

Travis Mitchell Bio

This has been Travis Mitchell’s Q&A with Community Impact 2020

Occupation: Mayor of Kyle and local small business owner

Experience: Degree from Texas A&M, 10 years building my own business, finishing MBA from UT, 1.5 years on city council, 3 years as mayor of Kyle.


The full Candidate 2020 Voter Guide, Travis Mitchell Q&A with Community Impact 2020, can be found on community impact.